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Congratulations, Melissa!!

Thank you to everyone who nominated and was nominated in this monthÕs Member of the Month contest. We are so grateful to have our winner, Melissa with us at Teahouse! Make sure to send her a kind U2U or post here to congratulate her. She hosts the MOTM contest each and every month, essentially removing herself from the running. This month we honor her and all she does for Teahouse! Since she hosted this month\'s contest, U2U Kit if you are interested in donating a special prize for Melissa! We hope to shower her with some serious thankfulness!

LetÕs celebrate some victories!
Here are this monthÕs fabulous contest winners and their entries:

OctoberÕs Pixel Contest

This month\'s contest had two winners this month! Jocelijne took first place with her ŅWitch in a Window FrameÓ animated pixel!
And Kit took second with a ŅPumpkin CoffeeÓ pixel!

Check out the thread to see the rest of the amazing entries!

Have a favorite winning entry? Can\'t wait to compete in one of this month\'s contests? Let us know in the comments below!

Time to get in the holiday Šand competitive- spirit!
Here are ways you can get involved this month!

November Photography Contest

This month\'s photo contest\'s theme is \"Fall Colors\"! Head on over to the thread to view and post entries - and thank our hostess Kate for all she does with this monthly event!

November Member of the Month

Know someone who deserves recognition here at Teahouse this month? Visit this thread to nominate a fellow member who you\'re thankful is part of Teahouse MB for their activity and engagement! Also, thank our host Melissa for what she does to keep this event running each month!

As a special incentive, Kit is offering all members who enter a contest this month a special customized holiday CG! To claim yours, U2U Kit with a link to your entry and the name you would like on your CG. The prize will be distributed on December 1st to all qualifying members to ring in the Christmas Season. DonÕt delay! Late entries wonÕt qualify to receive the prize!

Top 10 List of Things to Be Thankful For This Year

It\'s hard to sum things up when it comes to gratitude--- but for every reader\'s sake, here is a list of of 10 things to be thankful for this year.

Doesn\'t matter if you don\'t celebrate Thanksgiving--- as long as you\'re alive, there\'s always something to be thankful for.

1. Your friends, your family and your house.
For not everybody has them, or not them all, in no specific order.

2. The bad things that happened to you (that made you grow and mature).
Because life isn\'t only made of good things, and bad things are as essential to our growth as good ones.

3. The lost friends, and the friends who stayed.
Because they taught you what true friendship is and made you wiser in choosing your friends.

4. The fights and disagreements within your family.
For they helped you all understand each other better. Just because you\'re family doesn\'t mean you\'re all the same. ;)

5. The hard times that precede easy times.
For nothing good comes without sacrifice.

6. Every sunrise.
Because a new day is gifted to you, full of possibilities and opportunities to grow and do good things.

7. Your parents for every little thing they do for you.
For they do it generously, without asking in return. Even if that\'s just a phone call or a soup, say \'thanks\' to your mom and dad. Don\'t give anything for granted.

8. The talents and gifts you have.
Because they make you unique!

9. Your school, your job.
Because not everybody had a chance to study, and not everybody has a job.

10. The Internet.
Because it\'s a wonderful tool of human communion; the Web brings people together, breaks walls of loneliness and helps us grow (when wisely used). Thanks, to the genius minds who created it and put it out for everybody to use.

Why being thankful helps you live better?

Because it keeps you happy and positive! Studies show that saying \'Thanks\' and being grateful for everything in your life helps fight depression and cope with anxiety, as well as improve your general mood, because a Thanks and a smile release a lot of endorphines in your body.

So, yes, gratitude can improve your life.

What are you thankful for today?

Article Submitted by Luana

Here are this monthÕs featured threads!
Leave a post and let us know what youÕre up to this holiday season, and what youÕre most thankful for as we head into a season of gratitude!

What are your best Thanksgiving memories? Tell us in this thread and see what memories others have shared.

Everyone\'s family has unique traditions. Share yours and see if other members do similar - or way different - things to celebrate the holiday of thankfulness.

The topic of the whole month is gratitude and thankfulness, so tell us what you\'re thankful for in this thread and see what other members are touched by!

Looking for an easy, but special desert for Thanksgiving, or any Fall Occasion? Check out Lisa\'s \"How to Make a Pumpkin Shaped Cake for Fall Purposes\" thread.

Feeling random? We all are here at Teahouse! Visit November\'s Randomness Thread to talk about everything and nothing all month long!

In the news section, we list both Teahouse news and other happenings you might be interested in! Enjoy!

Teahouse Member Birthdays!
Each month, we list the birthdays of our active members! Make sure to wish these great people a very happy special day!

Biskizit :: Nov 6
Lisa :: Nov 7
candysweett :: Nov 9
Izi! :: Nov 14
Reilly :: Nov 19
Julz :: Nov 20
Chelsaur :: Nov 23
Danielle :: Nov 29
Josephine :: Nov 29

On November 21st, Nintendo will be releasing Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, remakes of the classic Ruby and Sapphire games for the 3DS. Can\'t wait to see Hoenn in 3D? Leave your comments below!

Movie Releases

Dumb and Dumber To :: November 13
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 :: November 21
Penguins of Madagascar :: November 25
Horrible Bosses 2 :: November 25

Can\'t wait to see one of these? Let\'s talk about it in the comments below!

Attention all Neopians!\'s Birthday is coming up on November 15th. Make sure to visit the site for lots of goodies and a ton of surprises from the Neopet\'s Team.

Have news to submit to the next Teahouse newsletter? U2U Kit with your information and see it here next month!

Special thanks to Lisa for all her hard work in submitting ideas and content for this month\'s newsletter!

Thank you to the wonderful writer Luana for her submissions to the reads section of the newsletter!

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